“I’ve learned over the years that, when you have really good people, you don’t have to baby them. By expecting them to do great things, you can get them to do great things.” - Steve Jobs, American business magnate, Co-founder of Apple.

“If you’re good to your staff when things are going well, they’ll rally when times go bad.” - Mary Kay Ash, American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

“It’s a lot easier to share and listen to others if you and your colleagues feel passionately about your work.” - Warren Valdmanis: What Makes a Job “Good” - and the Case for Investing in People TED Talk 

“I realized that we shouldn’t back away from discussing polarizing issues, even if it’s with people who disagree with us… But we can better understand opposing perspectives, which can help us to better advocate for our own beliefs. And maybe, just maybe, it even allows us to reach a compromise when the situation demands it.” - Shreya Joshi: What You Can Learn from People Who Disagree With You TED Talk 

“The most effective leaders we know solve problems at an accelerated pace while also taking responsibility for the success and the well-being of their customers and employees and shareholders. They move fast and fix things.” - Anne Morriss: 5 Steps to Fix Any Problem at Work TED Talk 

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