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Sales Club USA is a Community Built for Learning

Sales Club was established to provide an exclusive portal of resources and tools for sales professionals to learn, collaborate, and promote career development on a national level. Coaching and valuable tools teach and support productive skills for developing your brand and professional growth.


Resource Platform

  • Skill acquisition
  • Goal-setting 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making abilities

Learn from other professionals at events

  • Building relationships
  • Increases productivity
  • Raises motivation
  • Enhances communication skills

Successful career development

  • Gives direction
  • Raises the motivational level
  • Highlights your potential

Congratulations on choosing ‘you’ and supporting your self-development.

Sales Club USA provides self-development tools to assist you in developing your career in a collaborative and educational group setting. Think of your coach as an investment into your future. Business development coaches offer the planning, strategy, and support needed to succeed during these challenging times.

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Live events and zoom webinars support your commitment to self-development.

Tips & Resources
Tips & Resources

Access to sales tips, videos, articles, books, and publications to assist sales professionals with all aspects of their job.

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Member Portal

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Denise Horan
Meet Denise Horan

Denise Horan Specializes in training, keynote speeches, and motivational workshops. Denise's passion and motivation for coaching, consulting, and training for growth and productivity have helped many professionals grow and succeed. Sales Club USA is not a networking or leads group. Instead, we are here to build your professional and sales skills and offer collaborative interactions for professional development.

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